2go Classmate PC E11Ultra-Mobile, Powerful, and Ruggedized for Students or Professionals

Now more than ever, there is a need for highly mobile computers that are both durable and powerful. According to IDC, by the end of 2011, 75% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile. As a result, not only students are able to benefit from the latest 2go Classmate PC E11—it’s also a great option for mobile workers! Starting at under $500, this innovative netbook is a high power AND high value package.

Created for the education market, this ruggedized netbook has upgrades that make it ideal to function in the professional world as well. Built with an Intel Atom processor, it comes with a 160 GB hard drive (larger SSD options available) and 1 GB of RAM (upgradeable to 2 GB). The RAM has been updated from DDR2 to DDR3, meaning it’s faster and uses less power. The E11’s battery life is estimated at 40% longer than previous netbooks. It comes with a 6-cell battery that lasts up to 8.5 hours! Unlike many student computers, its keyboard is nearly the same size (90%) of a traditional keyboard, and it comes 3G ready so you can go online anywhere, anytime. In addition, the built-in wireless B/G/N allows for a faster, stronger wireless internet connection.

At only 3.4 pounds, the lightweight 2go Classmate PC E11 features durability designed for students that’s also valued by businesspeople on the go. With a shock-mounted scratch- and water-resistant LCD Screen, spill-resistant keyboard with antimicrobial protective coating, reinforced corners, and protective rubberized case with removable handle, this netbook is tough enough to withstand the demands of any busy lifestyle.

Each PC E11 is ready to go right out of the box with Microsoft Windows 7 and educational computing software pre-installed. It’s also able to run Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Premium, or Windows 7 Professional, making it versatile for any user. Theft Deterrent and Parental Control software from IntelÒ are also available.

Whether it’s an online course, video assignment, or a video conference, the 2go Classmate PC E11’s 1.3 mega pixel webcam makes it easy to communicate remotely. The camera swivels separately from the screen, so you can communicate from in front of your computer, or from anywhere in the room.

We’ve evolved into a mobile society that relies on internet communications. The way we learn, live, and work has changed dramatically and mobile computing is now an important part of our everyday lives. The 2go Classmate PC E11 takes full advantage of all the available technological advances to bring you a netbook that can keep up with your mobile lifestyle—be it student or professional.


To learn more about the 2go Classmate PC E11, or to buy one today, visit our CTL online store…. or you can check out the E11 page on this site.