How are CTL Education Chromebooks different?

When dropped on a side or corner, the plastic bumper hits the ground first, protecting the LED Screen. Reinforced ports, water-resistant keyboard, a non-slip texture and low-profile carry handle make this the ideal laptop for students and harsh work environments.

CTL Chromebooks are designed specifically to withstand the rigors of tough environments like K-12 education, field sales, and industrial appliactions.

Chromeboxes from CTL operate like a Chromebook, but with an external mouse, keyboard and monitor. Great for kiosks, digital signs and computer labs.

CTL’s Chromebook Tablets bring the Google Chrome OS to an easy to hold touchscreen tablet that runs apps from the Google Play Store but can be managed in Chrome Management Console. 

With updated hardware, improved performance and longer AUEs, a Chromebox from CTL makes a great Chromebit replacement. 

Looking for a Chromebase? CTL Chromebox 2-in-1s include a pre-mounted Chromebox on a CTL monitor for a turnkey 2-in-1 Chrome solution.

CTL Computer Monitors pair perfectly with Chromeboxes, Chromebooks, and Chromebook Tablets.

What do people have to say about the rugged CTL’s 2goPC?

 If durability and educational value are your highest priorities, the Classmate is worth a look.

Laptop Magazine

We can tell you that the kids are lucking out this time. We’ve been playing around with the netvertible for the last few days, and must say it’s one tough piece of hardware. 


(The 2goPC) has a sturdy build quality and ruggedization features that help reassure you that the computer isn’t going to break every time you pick it up or swivel the display.


The 2Go Classmate PC … has a clean, simple design that will appeal to most kids and a durable build that will appeal to their parents.

PC Magazine