2go Usage Scenarios

2go Classmate PCs can be used beyond the k-12 classroom. 2go PCs are being used in lots of interesting ways:


As opposed to a dedicated eReader like the Nook or Kindle, lots of people are choosing a more flexible tablet as an eReader. 2go PCs easily run the free Nook, Kindle and other software that allows them to function as an eReader. Also, since 2go PCs run Windows, they can run other types of Windows based programs as well.

Cooking & Recipes

Some models of 2go PCs are drop tested and spill resistant keyboard and screen as well as an anti-microbial keyboard. This makes them uniquely suited for use as an electronic recipe book when cooking. This type of use has gained lots of popularity with tech inclined cooks who follow molecular gastronomy. These same chefs have become proponents of cooking things like Sous Vide Chicken, Sous Vide Pork and Sous Vide Salmon.


2go PCs are increasingly being deployed to Nurses for Nursing in Home Healthcare and in Nursing School Classrooms.  Nursing programs utilize 2go PCs to give student nurses practical hands on experience using mobile technology in real world field environments.



Law Enforcement


NOTE: Some models of 2go PC’s by CTL are no longer available. You can find links to the latest CTL Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebook tablets on our 2goPC homepage.