Introducing Three New 2go® PC Devices for Healthcare Professionals

Good news for healthcare professionals – CTL® has three new 2go® PC products that can help you access records when you need them, save time typing notes and communicate on the go. Streamline your computing tasks so that you have more time to focus on your patients and provide them with the best care possible. Introducing our new 2go® Convertible Classmate PC NL4, CTL® 2go® C22L Windows 8 Tablet and 2go® E14 Classmate PC.

Many medical professionals are already familiar with CTL®’s line of 2go® Convertible Classmate PCs. These handy devices have been around for several years and have been improving with each new model. The 2go® Convertible Classmate PC is a lightweight, ultra-mobile ruggedized tablet/netbook combo. The screen can lie flat to function as a tablet, or rotate up to reveal a keyboard and turn into a small laptop. Originally designed for student use in the classroom, the 2go® Convertible Classmate PCs were quickly discovered by doctors, nurses, EMT crews and other healthcare professionals who needed sturdy mobile devices.

NL4_trio500pxWe’ve recently introduced our latest 2go® Convertible Classmate PC – the NL4. This latest model has all the features that users loved about its predecessor, the NL3, and offers additional improvements. Popular features of the NL3 that are still available in the NL4 include:

• Timesaving handwriting recognition software converts your notes into typewritten documents

• Ruggedized design including a scratch- and water-resistant screen, spill resistant keyboard and touchpad, reinforced corners, rubberized protective case with retractable handle and built-in hard drive protection (a sensor shuts it down in case of a drop)

• Built-in video webcam helps to facilitate remote consultations.
• Internet capabilities allow x-rays, charts, or other patient information to be annotated and shared with others immediately, improving communication among caregivers.

Plus, the NL4 has several enhancements to make it more powerful and easier to use:

• Processor has been upgraded to an Intel® Celeron Processor 847 Dual Core

• Still runs Windows 7, but now has capability to run Windows 8.1

• Screen upgraded to a 10.1″ LED 5-point capacitive touch, Windows 8 certified touch solutions

• Display resolution increased to1366×768

The CTL 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL4 can be configured to best fit your needs. Healthcare workers may especially be interested in the NL4 with NTrig Duosense® Screen. This advanced touchscreen technology is popular with healthcare professionals because of it’s accuracy and fast response time:

• Touch and pen accuracy of 0.4mm, which helps reduce errors.
• Tracks both pen and multi-touch input on a single digitizer to run more efficiently.
• Differentiates between intentional and inadvertent contact, and allows the user to switch easily and seamlessly between pen and multi-touch – great for using in transit.
• Superior pen performance and reliability – eliminates accidental drops or skips and features sub-pixel touch accuracy. Helps ensure accuracy when working quickly.
• Fast response time and consistent performance for writing, drag-and-drop, scrolling and selecting – without degrading stylus input. Your tablet screen can keep up with your demands!

CTL 2go PC C22L Tablet with Detachable KeyboardIf you are looking for a tablet that can function alone or snap into an optional keyboard, then the new CTL® 2go® C22L Windows 8 Tablet may be just the device for you! This tablet has an 11.6’’ screen and is built to be powerful enough for your day-to-day tasks. If mobility and weight are important factors for your mobile computing, this 2-pound tablet could be what you’ve been looking for.

This tablet boasts the robust Intel 3rd Generation Celeron 1007u processor and comes with 4GB RAM and a 64GB hard drive. Intel HD 4000 graphics plus a 10-point multi-touch capacitive screen make this well suited for running the latest Windows 8.1 OS (click here to read more about how Windows 8.1 can benefit healthcare professionals). Another nifty feature is the rear kickstand that allows it to stand alone on a flat surface so you can take full advantage of the front and rear facing cameras. This makes it great for teleconferencing and remote consultations. An optional keyboard easily snaps in to turn this into a mini laptop when needed.

CTL 2go PC E14Healthcare professionals looking for a lightweight clamshell PC will want to check out the 2go E14 Classmate PC. This ruggedized ultra-mobile PC is a great choice for healthcare workers on the go — it weighs only 3.5 lbs but is powerful enough for professional use.

With a 1366 x 768 LED screen, the 2go® E14 is equipped to run Windows 8.1. This latest OS from Microsoft makes it easy to multi-task between programs and receive live updates on your email and other communications so you can stay connected to the information you need. Windows 8.1 gives you access to the latest apps and supports much of today’s medical software.

This model is an upgrade to the 2go E12. It’s kept all the great features and added some more performance and battery life. It comes with a Celeron 847 dual core processor and up to 4GB DDR3 memory and 25% more battery life than the E12. The E14 is also customizable—choose from a variety of hard drives, wireless networking options and even get Microsoft Office 2013 pre-installed.

For more information on either of these innovative mobile solutions for healthcare workers, call your CTL® sales rep today or visit