Introducing Our Newest Classmate PCs!

2go Convertible Classmate PC NL3- Ruggedized netbook converts from laptop to touch screen tablet mode

Markets: Education; Healthcare; Field Sales; Inspections; Research; Industrial; Education; Personal Computing; Aviation

Intel-powered convertible classmate PCs are netbooks purpose-built for learning. Their flexible, fun design converts instantly from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode, allowing intuitive, interactive, collaborative use and “micromobility” both inside and outside. Intel-powered convertible classmate PCs are rugged, with drop-resistant construction and water-resistant anti-microbial keyboards. And they are easy to use and carry. Built on reliable Intel® architecture, these netbooks are powerful enough to support a wide variety of applications and activities. In the classroom, education-focused features and software, along with simplified wireless connectivity enhance learning and help teachers to be more effective.

2go Classmate PC E12 – Ruggedized netbook

Markets: Education; Healthcare; Home Inspection; Field Sales; Military; Law Enforcement; Research; Industrial; Personal Computing; Aviation

The new 10″ 2goPC Classmate E12 is the newest netbook from CTL. The 2goPC 10″ Classmate PC is ideal for education, mobile workers, and people on the go. 2goPC has worked with ethnographic researchers who have carefully examined every aspect of the design. Key features include a carrying handle, an easy to hold rubberized surface, and reinforced corners for added protection. Every aspect of the new 2goPC E12 10″ Classmate PC has been carefully designed to maximize your investment.

NOTE: These 2goPC products from CTL are no longer available. However, you can find links to the latest CTL Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebook tablets on our 2goPC homepage.